A Parent's Guide to Teething

A Parent's Guide to Teething
Posted on 01/27/2023

TeethingBlogCaring for a baby poses more than its share of challenges and concerns. You may naturally worry whenever your little one cries and shows signs of discomfort, especially if you don't have much previous experience with babies. Fortunately, teething represents a temporary nuisance on the road to normal, healthy dental development.

You'll likely feel more at ease with your baby's teething difficulties once you understand what to expect, how to ease your baby's discomfort safely and effectively, and how to recognize any trouble signs that might require pediatric dental attention. The following brief guide should help you and your baby get through this period more easily.

When to Expect the First Teething Issues

Not all baby teeth make a dramatic entrance via teething. In fact, some babies already have some erupted baby teeth at birth. While baby teeth normally start to erupt at around the age of six months, they may make their first appearance a couple of months earlier. Other babies may not show teeth until the 12-month mark.

During your baby's first year, you can expect to see the top and bottom front teeth erupt first, followed by the incisors just to the sides of these teeth. The canines and molars don't start erupting until the second year. Your baby will most likely complete the teething process with the second molars by age three.


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