5 Modern Impacts on Your Child's Teeth

5 Modern Impacts on Your Child's Teeth
Posted on 10/04/2021

October 2021 BlogEvery new generation of children will go through common tooth concerns. This includes cutting down on sugar, proper brushing habits, and proper dental care through professional treatment. Each new generation also has their own set of issues to deal with. Popular trends and advancements in technology have multiple impacts on a child, including their dental health.

As you raise a child in today's society, learn about some of the modern trends that could impact their dental health. Awareness and communication can go a long way to ensure your child has a healthy smile.

1. Intense Gaming

Gaming has gone through an evolution in recent years and kids are playing more than ever. Not only have the graphics improved in games, but so has the competition and intensity found in online gaming. One of the bigger concerns with a gamer and their teeth is clenching and grinding. When a child clenches their jaw together, the teeth slam down into each other and create a ton of pressure on the mouth. The movements could grind away at the teeth, break away enamel, and change the overall tooth pattern in their mouth. Excess stress from gaming could also lead to grinding and clenching throughout the night. Take some time to observe your child as they play. Try to correct them if you see any clenching or grinding. The reversal process may take some time but will help a child learn better ways to control their jaws and mouth.

If your child plays with virtual reality headsets, then take extra precautions with their surroundings. When their mouths are exposed, a wrong step or obstacle could lead to jaw damage, chipped teeth, or the need for emergency dental care. Keep areas clean and open with no tripping hazards around the player.

2. New Sports

Traditional sports like soccer, basketball, and baseball remain popular, but there are several new sports children may find an interest in while growing up. The popularity of youth tackle football continues to grow along with other contact sports like field hockey. When playing a contact sport, you want to ensure your child has a proper mouthguard to fit their teeth.

As children grow, their mouth spaces will change and a mouth guard from just months earlier will not always fit the same. A dentist can help fit a child for a proper mouth guard and make sure the guard fits properly.

A mouthguard is essential for any contact sport and shouldn't be taken for granted. Even if a player isn't making direct contact with someone else, objects like hockey pucks or field hockey balls could easily slam into the mouth and cause an injury. When your child does play sports, you should have their emergency contact information available just in case a mouth injury does occur. In some cases, time is of the essence and a quick contact will get you the information you need.

3. Outdoor Gear

Along with sports, children might get a lot more physical activity through outdoor activities. New technology has increased the fun outdoors, but it's also increased the danger to the mouth. Automated devices like hoverboards or motorized skateboards can increase the speed and impact if a child falls.

Helmet protection will often add a little mouth protection and could prevent a direct impact. However, a child should always be cautious and aware when using the devices. Watch tutorial videos with your child and go over specific rules to help prevent falls and mouth injuries.

4. Social Media Trends

Social media has a lot of influence on a child, but you do not want them getting unsolicited oral health advice from other users. Trends and viral stories may cause a child to do improper things to their mouth. For example, there was a popular trend on social media where a teenager filed off part of their front teeth. Actions like this are dangerous to duplicate.

Many social media "hacks" may encourage children to whiten their teeth in various ways. Monitor your child's social media use and communicate with them about the importance of dental health. Help a child understand that any dental treatment or procedure should be done by a professional and not through advice from a random user.

5. Sugary Drinks

Another thing people love to share on social media is specialty drinks and desserts they are about to drink and eat. In recent years, drinks with themes like unicorns, rainbows, and holidays create a colorful look online and tempt many children into trying them. While the drinks look appealing, they are loaded up with sugar.

Excess sugar is terrible for a child's oral health, especially when pairing drinks with other sugary foods and treats. Excess sugar can inflame the gums and lead to gum disease. The sugar and bacteria from drinks can also break down enamel and lead to cavities. When in a liquid form, the liquid will soak over the teeth and remain there until brushed.

For more information on children's dental services, reach out to us at Dentistry for Children & Adolescents. We provide care and treatments for kids of all ages and can help teach your child about healthy oral care.


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