Specialized Children's Dentistry

Specialized Children's Dentistry


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Welcome to Dentistry for Children & Adolescents, where we are committed to providing your child with the highest standard of pediatric dental care in and around the Edina, Burnsville and Minnetonka, Minnesota areas, inlcuding Maple Grove and St. Cloud.  Our dentists for children and team members do all they can to make your child's dental experience as pleasant as possible. We believe with good home care, regular dental visits and preventive procedures, your child can grow up cavity free.

Communication between you and our team members is a critical part of children dentistry- please do not hesitate to ask questions about any aspect of our practice.



 Did you know that you can receive your appointment reminders with an email or text message? You can also view your upcoming appointments online, make payments, or check your balance.  Please call the office where your child is usually seen for further information about this time saving and convenient feature!


Give your child the GREATEST gift on their FIRST birthday the gift of HEALTHY TEETH!

Crazy Fact:

More than one in four children in the United States have cavities by the time they are four years old, sometimes before age two. 


Tooth decay can begin as soon as teeth emerge in an infant's mouth and progress rapidly to cause pain and even harm the permanent teeth that are still growing under the gums.  Left untreated, it can destroy the teeth  of an infant or young child and can affect a child's general health.

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**Watch "How to Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay"**


What our patients are saying:

"We were impressed from beginning to end. The assistant and dentist were awesome with our 21 month old daughter. They even waited to call us in to the exam room until after another patient had stopped crying because they did not want to startle our daughter at the beginning of her visit - much appreciated."



"The assistant was especially good with our 2.5 year old daughter.  She showed her all the tools and let her touch them before the cleaning began.  Our daughter was completely relaxed and allowed them to perform a complete cleaning.  Very impressed!"


"I love that the place is a kids friendly and how patient the people there are working with children and they are making kids very comfortable just being there... "


"We had a wonderful experience with a caring and well trained staff!  They dealt warmly and patiently with our young family, giving them great attention and care...and the staff was so fast and efficient, too!  Many thanks for such a good visit!!"


"Really appreciate the patience and care everyone gave to our kids - who were less than thrilled to be at the dentist! "


"We drive 4 hours every visit to your office because the experience there has been so wonderful.  Your support and expertise has helped my son in immeasurable ways. Thank you!"



"Our little 4 year old girl had a dental check up and a cavity that needed to be filled.  They were not only very through, they talked me and my daughter through the procedure in such a way that she was never nervous or scared.  She even needed Novocaine and she never even knew.  It couldn't have gone any better."


"The assistants are super friendly and patient with my son, giving him lots of attention and including him in conversations.  The office is very child friendly.  they had lots of interesting toys to keep waiting kids occupied.  The dentist was very personable and knowledgeable.  Wonderful experience for both my son and me."

~A. J.

"My child had 2 fillings and sealants that needed to be done.  Everything went really great!  Appointment was on time and the staff is really happy and great to be around.  The dental assistant's are very good with kids and keeping them calm."


"Our son has autism and you make it very easy for us to bring him to the dentist."

~ S.C, Children Dental Services MN patient

"Love you guys!"

~ S.Z, Dentist Burnsville MN patient

"The dental assistant with my son was particularly good. She was so careful and patient to show him everything that was going to be happening and did it in a very age appropriate manner. I love how I can get all 3 of my kids in at the same time."

~ B.S, Pediatric Dentist St Cloud patient

"Our four year old son has CP (cerebral palsy) and all of the staff at Dentistry for Children are wonderful to him! Also, they are very patient and understanding with our needs"

~ B.Y., Dentist Burnsville MN patient

 "I called three times this morning and was addressed with patience and friendliness.  3 for 3 is pretty awesome!  Thanks to all of you for your professionalism  and responsiveness.  You make going to the dentist about as good as it can be!"


"Our son is autistic and visits to the dentists and pediatricians are VERY tough for him.  The staff here (all of them) understand his challenges and they make his dental visits easy.  We decide together at the beginning of the appointment what the visit will entail and how far to push him.  They want to make his experience a good one that will continue to get better and longer!" 


"The team is wonderful working with my son with autism!"


"Everyone is  always  very professional.  I love the  explanations given to my children on how to improve their dental hygiene. Very happy customer after  12 years!"











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