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Welcome to Dentistry for Children & Adolescents, where we are committed to providing your child with the highest standard of pediatric dental care in and around the Edina, Burnsville and Minnetonka, Minnesota areas, including Maple Grove and St. Cloud since 1968. Our pediatric dentists and team members do all they can to make your child's dental experience as pleasant as possible. We believe that with good home care, regular dental visits and preventive procedures, your child can grow up cavity-free.


As of March 14, 2017 we are HIRING a Dental Assistant, LDA, CDA! 

Responsibilities include 4-handed dentistry and recare/hygiene visits.


Location: Edina and Minnetonka and providing coverage as needed at our Burnsville office.


Hours Vary:This is a FT (36 hours a wk with competitive pay and benefits).

  • Monday - Thursday: 7:15 am - 4:30 p.m and/or 7:45 a.m- 6:45 p.m.
  • Friday: 7:15/7:45 a.m. – noon+
  • Saturday: 1 Saturday a month during the school year rotation 7:45 a.m. - noon



Must be professional, a team player, able to multi task, love children  and have STRONG computer skills. Email:


MOST Common Question Parents Have:

"Help! My child's adult teeth are coming in behind baby teeth- what should I do?"

Answer:  This is a VERY common occurence with children, usuallly the result of a lower, primary (baby) tooth not falling out when the permanent tooth is coming in.  In most cases if the child starts wiggling the baby tooth, it will usually fall out on its own within two months.  If it doesn't then contact your pediatric dentist, where they can easily remove the child's tooth.  The permanent tooth should then slide into proper place.



    First Visit by Your Child’s 1st Birthday

Here’s an interesting fact: More than one in four children in the United States have cavities by the time they are 4 years old – sometimes before age 2! Give your child the greatest gift on his or her 1st birthday – the gift of healthy teeth!

Tooth decay can begin as soon as teeth emerge in an infant's mouth. It can progress rapidly, causing pain and even harm to the permanent teeth that are still growing under the gums. If left untreated, tooth decay can destroy the teeth of an infant or young child and can affect a child's general overall health.

We love working with children, and have specialized training on how to calm pediatric patients while they are at their first dental visit.

Dentistry for Special-Needs Patients

Each patient, no matter his or her special needs, is treated equally and with respect in our office. Our dental team takes pride in our abilities to care for special-needs patients, and we continually educate ourselves in order to serve this population of patients with the highest level of care.

Enhanced Communication

Communication between you and our team members is a critical part of children’s dentistry. Please do not hesitate to ask us questions about any aspect of our practice. Likewise, we strive to provide excellent office-to-parent communication. Did you know that you can receive appointment reminders with an e-mail or text message? You can also view your upcoming appointments, make payments or check your balance online. Please call the office where your child is usually seen for further information about this time-saving and convenient online feature!

We always welcome new patients! If you’d like your child to experience the compassionate, gentle care that only we can provide, please call our office or request an appointment today.

As always, if you are pleased with the treatment your child has received, please tell your family and friends. The greatest compliment we can receive is your recommendation to our practice! Thank you for the trust you’ve placed in all of us at Dentistry for Children & Adolescents.

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What our patients are saying:

"We were impressed from beginning to end. The assistant and dentist were awesome with our 21 month old daughter. They even waited to call us in to the exam room until after another patient had stopped crying because they did not want to startle our daughter at the beginning of her visit - much appreciated."