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The Importance of Eden Prairie Dental Health

Starting your child early with good dental hygiene habits is of immeasurable importance. The skills they learn in their childhood will follow them through to adulthood, where they will teach their own children the same. Tooth decay is one of the most common diseases facing American children today. With proper dental care and regular checkups, you can ensure peak oral health for your kids in the years to come. Regular checkups will also help prevent expensive procedures for things like root canals in the future. Catching problems early on is the best way to save pain, money and time.

Our clinics follow a protocol referred to as 'tell-show-do'. We explain to each child what we're about to do in words they will understand, and show them how it will work so they will not be afraid. We allow them to touch the instruments if they wish, and then perform the procedure as gently and noninvasively as we can.

Our doctors are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our three clinic locations in Edina, Burnsville and Minnetonka each have a reception room with a play area and aquarium, and we do fun monthly patient drawings for gift cards, stuffed animals and tooth fairy boxes. We provide pediatric dentistry to kids from birth through age 19. Our staff is specially trained to meet the needs of physically or mentally challenged patients, and we can make special accommodations as needed.

We have some of the most highly trained dental professionals in the state, and all of our doctors hold additional graduate degrees, dental school faculty positions and have research experience. Dentistry for Children & Adolescents knows how important and treasured your children are, and we can offer with confidence a promise that your children will be in good hands. Call today to set up your first Minnetonka dental appointment!

By Dr. Daniel Fallon


Dentistry for Children & Adolescents

  • Edina Office - 7373 France Ave. S., Suite 402, Edina, MN 55435 Phone: 952-831-4400
  • Burnsville Office - 14050 Nicollet Ave., Suite 100, Burnsville, MN 55337 Phone: 952-435-4102
  • Eden Prairie Office - 6385 Old Shady Oak Road, Suite 150, Eden Prairie , MN 55344 Phone: 952-932-0920

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