Children's Dentistry in Burnsville, Minnetonka, and Edina, MN

You know how important proper dental care is, but your child may not understand why they need to go to an office and let a stranger work on their teeth. Choosing a dentist who specializes in pediatric dentistry will make the process easier. Such a specialist has training treating children and knows how to make children comfortable to help the appointment go more smoothly, for you and your child.   

At Dentistry for Children & Adolescents, our children’s dental care specialists are committed to improving the oral health of all young patients in Edina, MN. Whether your child has special needs, dental phobia, or just doesn’t like sitting still, we will provide a warm, comforting environment to make dental work a more pleasant experience.

Specialized Care

Much of the work done in our office focuses on preventative care to keep children from needing more invasive procedures in the future. With regular cleanings, check-ups, and good at-home care, your child will have a much smaller chance of developing cavities. While many factors go into cavity formation, including genetics, our services give your children a better chance at a healthy mouth.

Our children’s dental care specialists focus on providing a good experience for your child, which will make them more willing to come back on a regular basis. We also establish strong lines of communication with the parents, so feel free to ask us anything!

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